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Understanding the law behind the entertainment industry

entertainment law

The field of law is a large and diverse one, with several law types that a prospective lawyer can practice. Including entertainment law, which governs what can be published and broadcast. In this blog, MFM Attorneys dives into the various aspects of entertainment law.  What is entertainment law? Entertainment law, also sometimes known as media […]

Domestic violence in terms of the law

using the law to fight domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious problem in South Africa. Approximately half of South African women have reported that they have been victim to domestic violence or abuse. It is important to seek safety if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence. Knowing how the law regards domestic violence and what to […]

Environmental law: what is it and why is it important?

environmental law

We live in a time wherein people worry about their carbon footprint and the mark they are leaving on the planet. Environmental law plays a huge part in protecting people, resources, habitats, animals, and more. Without these types of laws in place, there would be no regulations regarding the concerns of hunting, pollution, contamination, or […]

Arbitration or litigation – Which legal route to choose?

arbitration and litigation

South Africa is a constitutional democracy that adheres to the Rule of Law. This means that all people are subject to the same laws of justice. Disputes occur when two parties enter into a contract, moreso, commercial contracts. Arbitration and litigation are the two processes used to resolve a dispute between the parties. Here’s a […]

Unilateral contract changes: Can an employer change Ts & Cs of employment?

can an employer change terms and conditions of contract

Having a signed contract between employer and employee indicates that they’ve reached the stage of their negotiations where they create an employment relationship on agreed terms and conditions. These terms range from the place of work to the compensation the employee will be paid for their services. In this blog, we give further insight into […]

What you need to know about debt review

how debt review works

Lockdowns of businesses caused by a global pandemic coupled with economic instability has led South Africans to be more familiar with debt than they would have liked. Fearing blacklisting and repossessions, many consumers have opted to go the route of debt reviews. But many people are still unsure about who the process is for, what […]

Changes In Child Maintenance for Major Dependents

maintenance for major dependence

In the midst of a divorce, discussions about the child maintenance of shared children is expected. But what happens when said children are no longer minors? Paying the child maintenance of a major dependant (an adult child that is over the age of 18), has always been a thing of contention in South African divorce […]